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About Landco

Landco Power is the leader in temporary power generation in the greater Phoenix area. The cornerstone of Landco’s core values are respect, integrity, pride, and loyalty. At Landco Power, every employee is committed to customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time. We approach every job with the mentality that there is nothing we can’t power up anytime, anyplace.

Landco Power provides temporary power by using power generation and lighting solutions for commercial, emergency, and public event services. We also cater to the telecommunication Industry. Landco Power provides mobile fueling and is an authorized dealer of LEX products.

Landco Power is a licensed electrical contractor.┬áLandco’s employees have been in the generation business since 1997 with a combined 27 years in the industry.

Landco Power offers:

  • Portable generators ranging from 20kw – 2000kw
  • Ultra silent generators
  • Onsite powered light towers along with electric light tower options
  • 24 hour customer assistance.
  • Standby generator capabilities and is also Biodiesel Capable
  • Fuel containment for generators

Our office is located at:

222 S. 52nd St, Suite 2
Tempe AZ 85281